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64 Responses to Songs

  1. byron#4 says:

    hi this is Byron and my favorite song is Fifty Nifty

  2. chris scaparro says:

    can i sign them all up to a record contract

    (This is from franks dad- a joke. maybe not).

  3. bridgette says:

    I think that all of us did really good but one of us was off pitch.

  4. Jayla says:

    Please make some more songs, so I can listen!

  5. winson says:

    it kind the fun

  6. Brigette says:

    That’s really good singing room 14. ROOM 14 IS COOL!

  7. leia says:

    Wow. This year in Room 14 was the best. I love the songs, ESPECIALY Fifty Nifty. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona…Wyoming!

  8. leslie says:

    we made one too

  9. helen says:

    hi people this is helen,former sequoia student,and i hope you guys have a wonderful school year in rm 14

  10. daniel :) says:


  11. daniel :) says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi im in rm 14 i think hi hi hi hi hih hih hhihihiihi

  12. leslie says:

    hi hi hi hi i am in room toooooooooo

  13. jade says:

    i like lean on me beacause one of the part is one of my favort part

  14. cortez says:

    room 14 had alot of songs.

  15. jade says:

    my favorite song is the song about the unite state because you can said the whole unite state in order

  16. meylia says:

    Nice singing 🙂

  17. jade says:

    your class rock last year

  18. Janne says:

    This is really loud. But its cool

  19. Daniel Rocks! says:

    Room 14 is a-a-awsome! This class is cool……

  20. Sandy says:

    hi im in room 14 too!:}

  21. thurston says:


  22. joey says:

    lets go fifty nifty and lean on me

  23. Leslie says:

    we have that much songs already cool

  24. Alisa says:

    I love Lean On Me It’s my favorite song on there

  25. brittany =] says:

    hi i love the songs !

  26. Unknown says:

    Our songs… Room 14 songs…. are cool… I like it 🙂

  27. Unknown says:

    😦 🙂 😦 🙂 <—————– faces

    deticated to room 14

  28. Janne says:

    Their good at sing songs.Mostly fifty nifty.

  29. Janne says:

    Their good at sing songs.Mostly fifty nifty.=]

  30. Leslie says:

    I like fifty nifty the best because it is about the states

  31. Evan says:

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII iiiii i i i i dont know what song i like

  32. thurston says:


    P.S. eat more chikin

  33. thurston says:

    hi you like song

  34. Leslie says:

    I can’t wait to hear room 14 year 3

  35. Amy says:

    We sangs songs too

  36. Janne says:

    The 2009-2010 is crazy!!!

  37. Sandy says:

    My favorite song is called ” This Land Is Your Land.”

  38. Amy says:

    I wonder what does Rm.14 sound like?

  39. Daniel says:

    Hello… You must sing…. i like the songs cant wait till rm14 yr 3

    P.S How do you insert a picture in this blog!!!!

    P.S I like ChIKen

  40. Sandy says:

    Now my favorite song is Room 14 Year 3 and I can’t wait till we record it!!! :] 😀 😛

  41. jasmine says:


  42. Leslie says:

    Room 14 rules and i cant wait to record our room 14 year 3

  43. jasmine altamirano says:

    hey,my sister says that all the songs are great!

  44. leslie says:

    everybody did great at singing all those song so give them around of aplause whoo hoo

  45. leslie says:

    i love the song yuki yukie yuki

  46. leslie says:

    i love all of the songs that we all sang its wonderful
    😛 🙂

  47. Sandy says:

    I like all of Room 14 songs, seriously! 😀 😛 🙂 ^.^ @.@

  48. Sandy says:

    I think we sang too loud on Room 14 Year 3! 😀 😛 🙂 ^.^ @.@

  49. Amy says:

    All the songs sound great!

  50. Leslie says:

    i love these joyful songs

  51. Daniel Blanco says:

    Yuki x3 is my favorite song :]

  52. Leslie says:

    i like the winter wonderland 🙂 😛

  53. Leslie says:

    I love the room 14 songs 🙂

  54. joe says:

    i love songs.

  55. willawsome says:

    soooooooo awsome and funny!

  56. willawsome says:

    that was the bomb man!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Evan says:

    :} love the music it is the best. :} :} :} I love it!

  58. marcus says:

    Rom 14 year number 3 was off the hook mr.j you know my jam peace out my patnas HEY HEY HEY

  59. devin says:

    i like all of the exsept yki yuki yuik

  60. Ruby says:

    All the songs from last year sound great!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  61. Leslie says:

    I Miss Room 14!!!

  62. meylia says:

    room 14 is really awesome 🙂

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