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27 Responses to Dioramas

  1. Evan says:

    Hi my name is Evan and my diarama was about the BFG.
    I picked this picture because it was very detailed. The detail was that it was was clear of how he looked.
    Then the pictrue was ation packed. Like you would never know that a good guy would kidnapp a little girl! That was what my diarama!

    By Evan Curtis

  2. joey corbin says:

    my diorama is about the book super fudge.let me give you a brief summary of the book.first peters mom says shes gonna have a b word [baby]and realy goes nuts aboutr it then they have to go new jersey beacause peters mom wants to study there.

  3. Marcus says:

    My diorma is about these four friends playing hokey outside of there best friends house. But while they were playing hokey they hit a house. Then when the nabgher wwalked out and it was a alian.

  4. brijonta says:

    MY book report was on curouis gorge the moive book and in the book they was in afrca and ted got on a boat back to UNIDIDED STAES OF AMERICA.

  5. cortez says:

    My diorama is about a forth grade boy named Jack.He has a dad that is the janitor of his school. He dos not want nobody to know that his dad is the janitor. My picture is about jack getting stuck in sewer because he wants to get keys to a class. I do not want to tell you the end of the story but thanks for lessening.

  6. Amy says:

    The story was about a group of kids using a homework machine to do there homework. The homework machine name was Bleach. A boy kept it in his house because he made it up to do his homework. My diorama was about teacher found out and the teacher took it away from the boy who made the homework machine, Bleach.

  7. Leslie says:

    My diorama is about Stanley Yelnats going to camp green lake.He going in camp green lake because he stole a pair of shoe from the donation store.When he was in camp green lake he was digging all day for punishment.Stanley met alot of friend like Armpit there nickname . Everybody got a nickname so Stanley’s nickname was Caveman.If they dig a treasure you get the whole day off .Stanley met a good friend name Zero he didn’t know how to read so Zero asked him this “if u teach me how to read i will help you dig your hole'”.Stanley expected the deal.When the Warden found out Stanley cold not teach him how to read.

  8. brittany says:

    My diorama was about these two girls in middle shool. The girls were best friend. When Jenny [the girl] went to camp. Addie [the other girl] found another friend[dana]. Addie didn’t Want to be Jenny’s friend any more. Jenny and her friends Made a webcast called Webcast Under Ground. Addie Was jealous. So Addie Made her own webcast.

  9. devin says:

    my is about the bfg. As you can see there is a giant and
    a little witch. And the back round was white because I
    had no tool’s.And I you’s glue for it .And i cut out
    agianta witch and a table and a chair.I love my dioramas.

  10. Sandy says:

    The Trumpet Of The Swan By E.B White

    My diorama is about a swan named Louis who can’t talk so he went to find a boy named Sam Bever to help him go to school to learn how to read and write. Then Louis dad stole a trumpet from a music store for Louis. Now Louis need to pay for the trumpet so he ask Sam Bever to find him a job. Later summer came and Louis had a job at the Kookooskoos camp. When the summer ended Louis got paid and got a gold saving medal for saving a boy named Applegate Skinner. Then Louis ask Sam Bever to help him find another job.

  11. Janne says:

    The sideway school
    By Janne

    My diorama is about the sideway school. There is a teacher that can turn childern in to a apple. So one day the teacher was giving a test out and A boy name jonthan was copying some one test. So then the teacher turned jonthan in to a apple. This is how she do this. She first wiggle her right ear. Then her left ear. After that she stick her tunge out. That’s how she do it. I bet you you guys think she is a witch or some thing.

  12. Brian says:

    I like Cortez’s because his is really cool.Cortez’s diarama is the best one that I ever seen!Cortezs diarama tells about a boy named Jake and he wants to be a Janitor when he grows up then a boy makes fun of Jake.Also the book is called The Janitors Boy.

  13. kenyah says:

    I read CHASING VERMEER.It is about two named Petra and Caleb who are trying to find out how to sovle a mysteries. So they went to different people to see what was going on about Vermeers painting. So the next day they went to Fargo Hall.My diorama is about people holding up signs to gete the painting back.So they found out who stole the painting it was a guy that was the leader of a crimmal group named Xavier Glitt his nickname was gitterman. Gitter man was one of theyre friends stepdad.So they told the police about the problem but he end up dying anyway.

  14. Daniel says:

    Hello, my name is Daniel and my diorama is about the book “Swindle”. Let me give you a brief summary about “Swindle”.*clearing trout* Okay there is a kid called Griffin. His best friend is called Ben. Griffin produces a late-night sleepover in a “haunted” house. Wow, haunted houses are scary don’t you think?! Well, I say that because the other people that Griffin invited didn’t come because they were scaredy cats. They all invented some lousy excuses. Luckily… Ben came…(you know, Griffin’s friend). So there Ben falls asleep early because he has narcolepsy. ERROR ERROR!!! TO BE CONTINUED!!!

  15. Thurston says:

    My name is thurston and my diarama was about a boy named Joe Stoshack and his dad. They both are baseball fans who know alot of answers to baseball questions. But, There is one they cannot tell you. It’s not a secret, but noone really knows. An example: a B.C. roaman soilder dies in battle. You want to know, however, noone knew his name. That is what this story is about. Joe and his dad travel back to 1932 by baseball card.(Joe has a speacial power). They MUST know the mystery of the 1932 world seiries of the Babe ruth point.

  16. renelle says:

    my diorama doesnt have an actual scene.but , i do have people that i can tell you who they are . i have wilbur( that is the pink pig) fern ( the girl that is the owner of wilbur)charlotte(the spider that is wilburs best friend).in the corner of my diorama it is a gray spider hanging from the web named charlotte. next, to her is a pink pig named wilbur. next to him is a girl in red dress named fern who is his owner.in the background there it says in big blue letters “CHARLOTTES’S WEB”. charlottes web is a good book to read beause it teaches you a lesson . like you can help others by saving thier life by doing any thing for they can be more happier than what they are it is a good book.CHECK IT OUT.by the way check out the movie charlottes web it is interesting. thank you for reading my story about charlottes web

  17. Leilah says:

    My diorama was about a girl her name was Emily she was a animal lover. When there was a animal in need she would come and help.Her friend named Kara she was in the woods she said she lived there . Kevin told Emily that there are moster in the woods. So she got scared and lost her dogs. She could not find them. She got scared and could not find them. She meets another friend from school.She fould a word in the dirt it spelled AvA Lon it was realed to her she said no no that isnt my word was she said that isnt my word.

  18. meylia says:

    My diorama is really cool. It’s about this girl named sheila.Sheila does not know how to swim. when her dad comes home from work they were eating. sheila’s dad said for the summur we are going to Tarry Town and sheila said no! i want to go diney land she said it in her head cause she knows her dad and mom is going to say no. So when summer came and she saw the house she went inside she didnt really like the place.

  19. Maylana says:

    Hi my name is maylana, and I am going talk about my dioramas. My story is about a boy who is going to his dads house for the first time for six weeks. He is bring his dog named Palbo. The boys name is Joey. Joey is asking so many qustions. The part when Joey was getting upset and exsided reminds how I fell when I go to my dads house. By the way this story is called Joey Pigza loesses conturl. Bye!

  20. Alisa says:

    I read The Witches.It was a great book. Its about a boy who was training his mice inthe ball room at the Hotel Magnifacint.Then a bunch of ladys came in and they were WITCHES!!!!!So the boy heard everything they said.Then one of the witches smelled him and the grand high witch turned him into a mouse.At the end of the story the boy and his grandmoter made allof the witches in England a mouse.Even the grand high witch.


  21. Shantra says:


  22. Nedra says:

    my book is about frog and toad and it start out at
    houme he make alist and he writ down a list of thing
    to do then he gose to frog hose then he tell let go
    on a hill then they wallk and a strange winnd blew
    and they lost the list and they just went to seep
    that what my book is about.

  23. Ahmed says:

    My mbr was about goosebumps the ware wolves.I picked that because it kind of have clues.Its about these 2 kids that they turn to ware wolves.

  24. Natali says:

    My Diorama is about a girl named Franny K. Stein. She is a mad sientist. What i did is when Franny desroys the robot. I like this book. You sould read it.

  25. jasmine says:

    My diorama is about the book the witches.I liked this book alot.I liked it because you dont know what is going to happen next.I hoped you liked thios book if you do read it.My seen is the meeting.

  26. DESTINY says:


  27. KayShawn says:

    The story is about Frankie Lemo Jr and Dallas Oneil wanted to win there first game. Fankie lemo Jr. is the league commisonner son. Dallas is the main charecter in the story. Frankie Lemo Jr keeps fouling Dallas when referee was not looking. When they made it to the finalls some of the sockers walked off the field. Finnally the Baker Street Sports Club won the game forfiet.

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