About Mr. J

<– Mr. J @ his desk

Hello all! First a little bit about myself. I attended UC Berkeley (better known as , and even better known as the best public university in the world!) for my undergraduate and graduate studies. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Education, as well as my Master’s degree in Education along with my teaching credential from Berkeley. You’ll find out in no time at all that I’m a huge Cal football fan. Go Bears! 

Ok, here’s a little bio. I grew up in the Los Angeles area (Northridge to be exact, home of the 1994 earthquake), but I have been up here in the Bay Area ever since the year 2000. I started my teaching career at Sequoia as a student teacher in 2006, and have been a full-time teacher here since the 07-08 school year.  I’m looking forward to another great year. Can’t wait to get to know you all in the days and months to come! Oh, and by the way, my last name rhymes with the word “lung.” (The “e” in “Jeung” is silent. It throws off a lot of people!)


7 Responses to About Mr. J

  1. leslie says:

    cool now i know what is about you

  2. daniel :) says:

    2nd one to reply!!!

  3. Maylana says:

    I was born in Berkley where Cal is!

  4. Maylana says:

    Alisa says hi so do i with love!

  5. Amy says:


  6. Sandy says:

    Great!!!Now I know more about you and I also know you more than before!!! Thx for the information!!! :] 😛 😀

  7. leslie says:

    go bears/Cal !! good job for being sipispect and not like i love Cal football because i love it and you saided why do you like it nice job mr.J

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